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Acrylic Organizers

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There's something classic about these acrylic organizers. They're timeless and ultra modern at the same time. They just make us feel like we're reporting from the ultra clean and minimalist future! Like this acrylic utensil caddy below - is this a party for the Jetsons or what?

It almost looks like they're floating right? Or organized in the most perfect way. At Bucasi HQ we use our acrylic organizers for all sorts of things. We have used our tea caddy in two ways. We sometimes use it for tea - but we've also been using it to organize our makeup - this acrylic caddy makes it super easy to see what we have. 

We try to mix it up. Honestly, any excuse to store these sleek vanity organizers is ok with us. They always get compliments around the office and home. Some of our other favorites are great for the bathroom though. Acrylic vanity top organizers are great for anyone who (like us) is a little makeup obsessed. We've got acrylic organizers for storing lipsticks, eyeliners, brushes, and full on palettes (like Urban Decay's Naked Palette).

Alright - we never said we were particularly cool (maybe we're a little LOTR obsessed - a little late, I know). But! LOTR jokes aside, we love this large acrylic makeup organizer cause it's really functional - and - it's pretty cute! Look at all those Baby Lips *drool*

For anyone who is makeup or organizer obsessed, these acrylic organizers are definitely gunna be your jam.